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The Enfield Island Youth & Community Trust (EIYCT) was set up in January 2003 by a group of concerned individuals who sought an effective way to support young people aged 13-19 on 'Enfield Island Village' in the North East of the London Borough of Enfield. In 2006, EIYCT developed a partnership with Oasis UK who used their national links to recruit key workers and help us develop a broader community provision through the newly established Oasis Academy and Oasis Hub Enfield Lock.


In 2010, following local research, EIYCT launched provision for children and families with clubs for 4-11s, trips and family events. We encouraged volunteering and young people and parents began helping us to run groups. By 2017-18, we were supporting over 25 young people to volunteer. In May 2017, parent volunteers opened our first 0-5s Stay-and-Play session, completing a family of provision where children are suppported between the ages of 0 to 19.


By 2015, Trustees felt that EIYCT no longer described the breadth, nor the joined-up nature of our work, so EIYCT rebranded to 'enact community'. We also defined our value-led organisational outcomes, and the rationale for our model of an open-access universal offer where our provisions do not require membership, referral or an entry fee.


We work hard to sustain the age-specific activity settings in which positive supportive relationships are built and from which targeted work can develop to support identified vulnerabilities, including worklessness and gang affiliation. 


Our long term funder, the RSA Trust, help us to sustain the lease on our youth centre and majority of our core staff team salary cost, therefore sustaining a universal offer. Project grants completes the funding necessary to retain a current core staff team of three full-time workers who lead our provision projects with a small team of paid sessional workers and a larger team of volunteers.


* For the avoidance of doubt enact/EIYCT is not to be confused with the Enfield Island Village Trust, which is a completely seperate entity.


Our Vision


As an organisation our vision is to support individuals to 'become the best versions of themselves'.


Our mission aims to achieve our vision is to:


Encourage: to inspire and raise aspiration, encourage individuals to see beyond their immediate circumstances and the 'glass ceiling' imposed by isolation, poverty, worklessness, or that which comes from poverty of education, family support, health, emotion or wellbeing.


Engage: to offer opportunities that teach the skills needed to achieve dreams! To actively support individuals to be able to achieve the dream they were encouraged to dream.


Enjoy: to support the community to build a place of safety and mutual support. A place of fun, and a place where families thrive and want to live.


Enhance: to support individuals to move from 'consuming services' and building independence towards recognising the benefits of confidence, resilience and wellbeing found within interdependence. To facilitate the community to lead the development of its own provision.


In September 2018, we began a three-year strategy to build our strategy with four areas of focus.


1. Working towards Sustainable Infrastructure which includes strengthening its staff, sessional and volunteer base, and  diversifying funding streams.


2. Working towards Engagement to Investment where participants are actively encouraged to journey from simply attending provision into volunteering and leading the development of our clubs. Moving seamlessly through age-related provision and investing over the long term.


3. Offering Meaningful Training that Equips and Builds Confidence so participants gain the skills they need to open up their own life chances and have confidence in their own voice to change their circumstances and contribute to developing their community.


4. To increase the community Awareness, Invitiation and Access that enact is here, that all are included and welcome, and there is a place for everyone who wants to engage.


Leadership, Team Skills and Experience


Our Youth Work Team have relevant degree level qualifications. Our sessional staff have various levels of professional qualification. All staff and volunteers are Enhanced DBS checked,


Our Chair of Trustees has served in various capactities for EIYCT and was one of the founding businessmen that engaged the Enfield Island Centre to be developed. Our management board of Trustees is made up of (unrelated) members from business, local agencies, and the local community. We invite advisors to support the board who are not legal Trustees, one is from Oasis Community Partnerships, with whom we retain a Service Level Agreement to employ our full time staff, and one from the London Borough of Enfield.


Sustainability: The RSA Trust hve provided core funding for enact since 2003. While the RSA Trustees cannot guarantee funding into the future, they do expect to sustain its grant. We seek additional project funding to enhance and expand the opportunities avaliable for the local community.

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